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Born to counter narratives of Jew-hatred among non-Jewish communities

Why Louder?

We proactively create and share narratives, actively combating skewed perspectives online, and creating content with a focus on engaging non-Jewish Americans about Jewish and Israeli Issues. 

Our Goal

Our goal is to reshape discourse, combatting rising antisemitism and terrorism with impactful and accurate content 

Our Achievements

Since our inception, we've launched global campaigns that leverage the power of influencers across social media platforms, reaching millions of impressions and driving the conversation against Jew-Hate.

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Our Strengths

Our approach is broad and innovative, yet consistently high quality. We aim for impactful, long-term exposure rather than fleeting visibility 

Quality Over Quantity 

Reaction Time

In response to BDS events and campaigns, we can craft and launch counter-campaigns in as little as 10 minutes, making sure our voice is heard when it matters the most


We meticulously customize our content to align with the distinctive profile of each influencer, maximizing relevance and impact

Advanced Preparation

We also proactively monitor upcoming BDS and influencer campaigns, readying ourselves with robust counter-narratives to be always one step ahead

Take a Part!

Join a movement wielding the power of influence to build bridges, foster understanding, and reshape narratives. 

Your generous support is crucial to advancing our mission

About Louder

Established in May 2021, Louder is a global marketing &  PR initiative, backed by over 500 dedicated volunteers from across the world.

Together, we harness the power of social media, especially Instagram and TikTok, to convey key narratives to non-Jewish audiences worldwide.

Our operation is seamlessly managed through innovative technologies that allow us to ensure quick communication and action.

At Louder, we don't just share a message - we turn up the volume.

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